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How Do Our Logbook Loans Work

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What are Logbook Loans?

The logbook loan from is the perfect way to withdraw cash from your car via a same-day cash loan. Using your car as financial security allows you to get a better loan interest rate compared to unsecured forms of credit.

Logbook loans allow you to retain full personal use of your vehicle for the duration of the loan and are secured against your car using a Hire Purchase Agreement (HPA), regulated by the Consumer Credit Act (in contrast to original logbook lenders, who secured the car against the loan via the Bill of Sale Act of 1882).

What’s more, with a logbook loan, we’ll never ask you to surrender your logbook or spare key in order to secure the loan.

The trade value of your car will determine the maximum value of the loan, therefore the more your car is worth, the more you can borrow against it.

We also ensure all our borrowers’ monthly repayments are affordable and manageable, in line with their current monthly financial commitments.

Who are is the UK’s leading FCA-Regulated logbook loan direct lender. We are not a broker. We provide swift and secure solutions for people looking to raise short-term finance using their vehicles.

How much can I borrow with a logbook loan?

Completing a logbook loan application from is a fast, secure, and cost-effective option for when you need cash quickly.

Our easy loans range from £500 to £150,000, with up to a maximum of 65% of your car's trade value. The loan will be subject to you completing an affordability assessment and credit check.

Loan rates are from 6% – 10% per month, and we provide flexible loan terms from 12–60 months.

How Does the Application Process Work?

We complete all applications online with no home visit. We’ll even complete the car inspection via WhatsApp and we aim to finalise the loan the same day and transfer the cash into the borrower’s account.

Settle Early, Penalty-Free

A logbook loan can be settled early at any time during the term, 100% penalty-free, saving you money on interest repayments. You can request a settlement figure at any time, which will be valid for 28 days. The interest will stop accruing when the settlement figure is paid.

Overpayments Allowed

With, you can make an unlimited number of capital overpayments. On receipt of a capital overpayment, we’ll automatically reduce the original loan principal by this amount and the new loan repayment is then recalculated and starts from the next payment due date.

Who is Responsible for the Car?

Under the terms of the agreement, all borrowers must tax, comprehensively insure and maintain their vehicle for the duration of the loan. Borrowers are not allowed to sell the vehicle without our prior approval.

Can I Get a Logbook Loan if my Car is on Finance?

Yes! Not only will we consider logbook loans for cars on finance, but if you switch an existing loan from another logbook loan lender or finance company, we will reduce your loan repayments by up to 10%!

In addition, we may even be able to top-up the loan subject to standard affordability and car value checks.

To do this, your existing finance settlement figure will be added to your new logbook loan amount. Upon the loan’s completion, the additional funds are used to pay-off the remaining finance and the balance will be issued back to you.

Representative Example:

If you borrow £1,000 over 36 months at a flat rate of 84% per annum [fixed] with a Representative 204.2% APR you will make 36 monthly payments of £97.98, making a total amount repayable of £3,592.28 including £40.00 document fee and £25.00 Option To Purchase fee. The total charge for credit is £2,660.00. Logbook Loan repayment length from 18 to 60 months. The maximum APR is 389.1%.

Your log book loan is secured against the vehicle, and missing payments could put the car at risk of repossession.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to