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A full proof loan during lockdown

31.03.2020 by Paul H

Logbook Loans Online

If you’re looking for a loan on your vehicle and you want the most comprehensive and assured deal from a lender that’s reliable and fair, look no further than In these testing times, we’re here for you and continuing to offer a full range of services when you need them most, so don’t feel like you’re alone with no option to turn to.

We believe our vehicle equity release loans are ideal for people looking to take out a loan on their vehicle without any of the hassle and credit checks that come with conventional logbook loans. You can find out more about our loans, how they work and what you can expect from us right here, so read on and make the most of our services by getting in touch or applying online today.

Vehicle Equity Release Loans

What we focus on here at is offering reliable, affordable and safe vehicle equity release loans. We know that these are better able to meet the needs of our customers than most conventional logbook loans and they’re a lot faster as well.

We understand that when you need money and you want to borrow against your vehicle, you usually don’t have time to waste. And we’re not interested in wasting your time. We don’t need your logbook and we won’t need any spare keys. The whole process can be completed online.

How it Works

Our loans are simple. The amount you borrow can have a repayment length of between 18 and 60 months. The maximum APR is 389.1% and will usually be lower than that. All of that depends on your needs and circumstances.

You will pay the loan back over monthly payments and your car can be used to cover the costs if you can’t make repayments. When paying back the money, early payments are allowed, so you don’t need to worry about being tied to a timeline of repayments that’s too slow for you.

We’re Still Operating and Providing Loans Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic

We’re keen to make it clear that we’re still here and still providing our services throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic. We know that this time is stressful and uncertain for many people but you can still release equity from your car with our help if you need to.

We’re ready to answer your call and process your application, so don’t assume that we’re shut down just because lots of other companies are. No matter your circumstances, we’ll talk you through what we can offer and help you out in a fast and attentive way.

The Sensible Option in Uncertain Times

When times are uncertain and you’re not sure where to turn, it can be scary. And we’re certainly living through very uncertain times at the moment. But if you’re looking for a lender you can trust, offering rates and terms that are fair to you, then look no further.

It’s more important than ever to work with sensible companies that can put your needs first, streamline the process and offer true reliability. It’s not a time to take risks with companies that aren’t offering the kinds of assurances that we can. We’re fully regulated and ready to help you.

No Formal Credit Checks

When you choose to take out a loan with, you won’t have to have a formal credit check carried out at all. As well as speeding up the whole process, this also means that there will be no impact on your credit rating and you won’t need to worry about problems arising from that.

Lots of people worry about loan and credit applications and are unsure about what it will mean for them and their credit rating. When you choose us and take out one of our vehicle equity release loans, you won’t have to worry about that at all and that’s of huge benefit to you and your finances going forward..

Fast Money When You Need it Most

When you need fast money, we’re here to help you. We make it so that the process can be carried out online and we can assess you via social media or platforms such as Whatsapp. And when it comes to completing the process, an e-signature is all we need to complete the application.

We know that you don’t have time to waste and as soon as all the relevant boxes have been ticked, we’ll release your money to you as fast as possible. The whole process is carried out completely online, so there’s no need for visits. That makes it suitable for anyone self-isolating or simply not wanting visitors right now, which is understandable.

Overpay and Settle Early Without Penalties

As mentioned above, paying back early is something that is entirely up to you. And we never punish you for wanting to settle early or for making early repayments. There are no penalties attached to it whatsoever, so you can pay back as soon as it’s suitable for you to do so.

We know that sometimes you want to get your loans paid off sooner and that’s always fine with us. Other lenders might penalise people for making early repayments but that’s not something we do.

Get in Touch to Get the Ball Rolling

If you want to get the ball rolling on this whole process and start benefiting from the fully online loans that we offer here at, you simply need to fill out the application form or contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the whole process.

We understand that times might be tough for you right now and as a result, we’re working harder than ever to ensure you get the fast access to the money you need. You can apply online via a short, simple form. And if you’d prefer to talk to a member of our team before going any further, simply call us on 0333 577 5000.