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Ideas to Entertain the Kids During the Holidays

26.04.2019 by Jack H

Cheap days out with the kids saving money

The summer holidays and fast approaching, which for many parents, can be a cause for concern. Six weeks can be a long time to keep your children entertained, especially when you don’t have the funds to take them to Disneyland.

There are, however, many inexpensive days out, but also easy ways to generate money for a fun-filled holiday. Remember, your kids will love spending time with you and their friends, more than having lots of money spent on them. Here are examples of cheap days out and ideas to keep your little ones entertained during the upcoming holidays.

The Natural History Museum

Who says education can’t be fun? Head to The Natural History Museum to see dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur-machines, fossils and many examples of the animals that once roamed our land. Kids of all ages will love spending a day at this museum, filled with interesting facts. The gift shop is also a massive plus, with a whole selection of souvenirs to choose from, all ranging in price too. However, the most notable exhibitions at The Natural History Museum are the animatronic T-Rex and the earthquake simulation experience.

Cost of admission: Free.
Additional perks:
Café, gift shop, and restaurant.

Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is an exciting day out, especially if you have older children who are adrenaline junkies. There are many rides to choose from, meaning there are rides for those who can’t stomach twists and turns.
Notable rides include The Walking Dead: The Ride, Stealth, The Swarm, and Tidal Wave. For younger children, there is the Angry Birds 3D experience and King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems. There are also many water-themed rides such as Depth Charge and Storm Surge.
Online, you can save money on ticket prices, as well as buy a meal deal so that you can dine for cheaper.

Cost of admission: Depending on online sales, the price can vary.
Additional perks:
Rides suitable for most ages, plus many eateries.


Who doesn’t love Lego? Exactly. Legoland is an exciting place for kids (and adults) everywhere. Quite simply, it is a theme park made with 80 million Lego blocks. You can experience different lands made from Lego (such as the Kingdom of the Pharaohs and Knight’s Kingdom) and also visit DUPLO Valley and Lego City. Within Lego City, your child can head to Balloon School, Lego City Driving School, and Coastguard HQ.
The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Meet characters from The Lego Movie, as well as the Sea Captain & Friends. There’s also an exhilarating Pirate Stunt Show!
Of course, a trip to Legoland wouldn’t be complete without heading to the stores, where you can treat your kids to a few Lego figures for them to build once you return home.

Cost of admission: Typically, £29 per person, but prices change throughout the year.
Additional perks:
There’s a lot to see and do here, from live shows, meet and greets to rides and shops. There are also lots of eateries to dine at, from Pirate’s Burger Kitchen and the Wafflemeister to the Knight’s Table.

Science Museum

Located in South Kensington, London, the Science Museum is the perfect place to enlighten young minds and teach them about the world surrounding us all. There are many sections to explore when here; you can delve deeper into robotics, vacuum technology, and civil engineering.
The Science Museum is the perfect place for kids of all ages. There is something for everyone, including an IMAX theatre, which will only enhance their excitement and improve their experience.

Cost of admission: Free.
Additional perks:
A variety of learning experience. Explore the labs and keep an eye on the events taking place – many of which are special talks on certain topics.

Eden Project

Immerse yourself in botany by visiting these futuristic domes. Inside these massive bubbles, you can explore many rare flowers, plants, and trees, while also experiencing a Canopy Walkway. This trip combines fun, uniqueness, and education.
Learn about various plants and trees, but also experience the thrill of England’s longest zip line, known as the SkyWire. There are also many interactive gadgets which can be found at the Core Building.

Cost of admission: £26 for an adult ticket, £13.50 for a child aged 5-16, and free for a child aged 0-4 (prices based on Advance tickets).
Additional perks:
The Rainforest Biome and the Orchid Display are wonderful places to walk through, as well as the Invisible Worlds Exhibition. There is also the Med Terrace and the Giant Bee. For young kids, there is a soft play. Visit the website for the full list of impressive activities.

Warwick Castle

Want to travel back in time and learn about certain historical events? Warwick Castle is a complete medieval castle located in Warwickshire. Here you can stand on the walls and watch the people below as if you were royalty. You can also experience a birds of prey show and run through the ‘Horrible Histories’ maze.
The fun continues, however, with medieval banquets, Knight’s School, the bowman show, and the mighty trebuchet talk. Activities depend on the day of your visit, so be sure to research before booking your tickets.

Cost of admission: Tickets vary and depending on whether you buy them online or on the day.
Additional perks:
For the bravest of souls, head to the Dungeon Experience. Throughout this experience, you can meet characters based on the plaque-ridden 1300s.

Dorset Heavy Horse Centre

Children who love horses will love nothing more than meeting, petting, grooming and bonding with rescued working horses. Animal lovers will rejoice as they learn how to care for these creatures. Children will also learn about the horses they meet.
Dorset heavy Horse Centre is an award-winning park, recognised for combining family fun with education. You can experience the following attractions:
Scenic heavy horse drawn carriage rides
Talks about the rare breed of heavy horses
A petting zoo
Pony riding
Driving a real farm tractor
Daily tours and displays
There are also many other farmyard animals like chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, and alpacas.

Cost of admission: Family tickets are available at £39.95, which are valid for two adults and two children.
Additional perks:
There are many play areas for your kids to enjoy. All activities are included in your entry fee.

Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Seal pups are undeniably cute, which is why visiting the Cornish Seal Sanctuary is a rewarding and fantastic day trip or weekend getaway. Teach your children about how a sanctuary works by reading up and experiencing the Cornish Seal Sanctuary which rescues around 50 injured seal pups a year. There is a variety of seals to watch and learn about, from common seals to grey seals. You can also go behind the scenes and experience the seal hospital and show your kids first-hand the work that goes on here.

Cost of admission: General admission is around £10.85.
Additional perks:
There is the chance to have breakfast with the seals for an additional price. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary also has penguins and otters.

Lake Windermere

Head to Cumbria and enjoy outdoor fun on the largest lake in England. There are many things to do here, including horse riding, climbing and walking on the shore. You can also walk around the lake and have a wonderful stroll – just be sure to wear a waterproof!

Cost of admission: While it is free to visit the lake, certain activities will cost money.
Additional perks:
Lots to see and do here. Explore the shops and surroundings.

Jurassic Coast

Impress your youngsters with this wile coastal scenery and the chance to discover and collect fossils from the ground and cliffs. This is a spectacular location to visit during the summer months when the weather is warmer. You can also swim in the sea and lounge on the beach. The Jurassic Coast combines fun, relaxation, and education all in one.

Cost of admission: Free.
Additional perks:
Makes for a wonderful weekend break with the kids who will fall in love with this wonderful and craggy scenery.

Of course, finding the money to pay for such expenses can be difficult, especially if you have a few kids to entertain. There are, however, many ways to find extra money for such experiences. Even with certain activities being free, like the Jurassic Coast and The Natural History Museum, you may have to pay for travelling to and from the locations as well as accommodation. Such prices can start to add up!

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