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How to Plan Your Post-Lockdown Holiday

16.02.2021 by Paul H

Post COVID Lockdown Holiday

Are you ready to go on a post-lockdown holiday? Of course, you are!

Is your dream to get away a secluded cabin away in the mountains? Is it laying along the shores of the Mediterranean soaking in the sun? Or is it a luxurious hotel while exploring the loud and vibrant nightlife of a city that has gone quiet for too long?

Regardless of your destination, your holiday is well-deserved after all of the stress that the past year has brought and it is never too early to start planning for your post-lockdown holiday.

COVID Canceled Plans

The onset of the coronavirus during early 2020 was not expected and it was never expected to last into 2021. As we sit in lockdown it’s easy to reflect upon everything that seems as if it was lost to the coronavirus.

Covid cancelled so many plans weddings, birthday parties, and even family holidays. With everyone being home-bound most of the past year you need something to look forward to other than an occasional outdoor walk.

Planning for Your Next Holiday

Even while you were stuck in your flat you can start preparing to go on an adventure once lockdown and restrictions are lifted. Holiday planning can not only lift your spirits but help you make real plans for 2021 to be filled with happy memories.

Planning a trip can already feel overwhelming; balancing everyone's interest, the budget, and mapping out the itinerary was already enough before new travel regulations and long-term covid restrictions were put into place. That is why you can take this lockdown to start planning for the future.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you best prepare for your post-lockdown holiday.

Research Potential Getaways

Have you ever gotten home from a holiday and felt like you should have gone somewhere else or done more while away? A getaway can be relaxing but you always want to feel like you made the most of it.

With the proper research, you cannot only find the holiday hotspots but you can figure out how to make the absolute most of the time that you have away.

Location Scouting

Researching where to go maybe one of the most fun pieces of planning your trip. While you were looking for possible destinations you can take a look on Instagram or Pinterest. Leverage the power of social media to get you excited about going on holiday.

On Pinterest, you can search for things like the ‘best places to travel in Europe’, ‘holiday in the UK’, or ‘ten-day holiday itinerary’ to read up on potential excursions.

On Instagram, you can use the Location Tag and see not only how tourists live but also tap into local life before you go about booking your stay.

Holiday Hot Spots

When thinking about the activities and places you want to go there’s always a few iconic spots you can find with just a simple Google search. If you want a holiday escape that makes up for months of being stuck at home you might need to dig a little deeper.

We recommend hitting the Internet for your search, one of the most untapped tools in holiday planning is utilizing travel bloggers. Reading a travel blog before you go somewhere can open your eyes to the culture and get you excited for your upcoming journey.

Not only can you find hidden locations around town that may be magnificent but aren’t touristy, but you could also find the sketchy part of town where the touristy locations that frankly aren’t worth the time or money to visit.

Planning Travel Logistics

Whether you are searching for a nice getaway from your day-to-day life that’s just a drive away or a flight away somewhere more exotic you must plan out your travel logistics in advance.

How to Travel

Since the onset of the coronavirus figuring out how you’re going to travel has become a much larger conversation. Your primary thought might not be what is cheaper, but rather what holiday option makes you feel safer.

If you decide to use your holiday for a road trip here are a few tips:

  • Map your drive around different excursions along the way to enjoy the trip itself
  • Plan outbreaks along your drive where that be for food or an excursion
  • If you’re looking at going somewhere further away every trip might not even be an option. When it comes to flying airlines have implemented safety procedures to ensure the health and safety of their customers.

In some cases, especially with a lot of people shying away from aeroplanes, flying may even be the cheaper option for your holiday.

Here are some tips for booking flights:

  • Set up price alerts for discounted flights to your dream getaway location
  • Book earlier for cheaper flights
  • Search for your flight prices during the middle of the week
  • Be willing to take a connecting flight for a cheaper price

Paying for airfare can be one of the expensive parts of a trip. By booking early and following these tips you can save money and stress while planning for your holiday.

Planning your post-lockdown holiday

Staycation Options

While countries are still going to have restricted travel concerns for visitors and the UK considers travel restrictions itself, you may want to consider playing it safe and booking a staycation. The UK has so much to offer, and it may just be a short drive away. If you live in the city or the countryside, it might be refreshing to change your scenery a little.

Staying in the UK doesn’t mean you can’t have your luxurious getaway. There are plenty of opportunities to plan out an adventure and maybe to invest even more on holiday excursions that you would have abroad.

Whether it’s a visit to the balmier beaches of Cornwall, a stay in a Highland Lodge, or an adventurous London city break, it will be great to get out of your flat and explore.

Where to Stay

Choosing where you want to stay really on what kind of trip you had in mind.

Are you seeking a holiday of pampering and relaxing? Perhaps one of daily excursions and comfort at night? Or maybe even one where you want to be out exploring all day and night end are just looking for a bed?

Since COVID-19 will forever be changing travel it’s understandable that the idea of bustling around busy streets of tourist destinations may be concerning. Before booking it’s important to figure out what kind of privacy situation will be best. Travelling doesn't mean you must expose yourself and others to unsafe COVID-19 practices.


Various hotels and restores offer private villas, which can serve as an extra layer of precaution from crowds during the aftermath of a lockdown. If you’re looking for somewhere even more secluded perhaps a private home that you can rent out on Airbnb.

If you choose to stay in a hotel you’ll have the benefits of having a staff catering to you, hotel amenities, and even the option of late-night room service. A hotel may be a more expensive place to stay, but the built-in amenities is what you’re paying for.


Staying in an Airbnb surely has the widest range of pricing and amenities. You can choose to rent out a room, apartment, or even an entire house for a range of time. With Airbnb, you can shop around different places based on their size, price, and location.

At an Airbnb, you are staying in someone's private residence. Sometimes this is a spare property and the host is not on-site, however, you should ensure that you leave the facility in proper condition because hosts can rate guests for future hosts to see.

Check out these Airbnb guest manners:

  • Be sure to leave a kind introduction when you are first applying for a listing
  • Let your host know if you are going to be checking in late
  • Read the entire listing, as some hosts have special requests
  • Thank your host at the end of your stay

Due to the lockdown, a lot of hotels and Airbnbs have lowered their prices or shut down entirely. Make an active effort to monitor places you want to stay for low prices. You should always inquire if you can cancel without penalty at any point.

Map Out Your Itinerary

One of the biggest mistakes people make when mapping out their itinerary is feeling as if they have to stick to it every single day. An overreliance on your itinerary can make your holiday more of a chore with a checklist than an adventure.

Your itinerary should help you plan an idea of each day so you don't waste a minute of your time away. You already made a list of what you want to do so now you can map out where and figure out what path will help optimize your experience.

How to Pay for Your Holiday

Not only did the coronavirus ruin your plans for a holiday, but it also may have changed the way your life looked, whether it was furlough or an increase in expenses a global pandemic is not financially beneficial.

The lockdown has not brought about financial fortune for most, but that doesn't need to keep you from celebrating the end of a long and difficult lockdown.

Look Into a Holiday Loan

Financing a holiday can seem like a large burden. Through financing plans and loan options, such as logbook loans, you can go on the holiday of your dreams without placing too much stress on your financial situation.

Logbook loans are one of the easiest ways to acquire cash quickly and penalty-free. With no hidden fees or charges, you’re able to use the ownership of your vehicle as collateral in obtaining your loan.

What Is a Logbook Loan?

A logbook loan from is the perfect way to withdraw cash from your car via a same-day cash loan. Using your car as financial security allows you to get a better loan interest rate compared to unsecured forms of credit.

A new logbook loan lets you retain full personal use of your vehicle for the duration of the loan and is secured against your car using a Hire Purchase Agreement (HPA), regulated by the Consumer Credit Act.

Not only can you borrow up to 70% of the vehicle's trade value, but you also can retain the use of your vehicle during the duration of your loan. This is a quick and easy way to obtain a loan with an affordable use of monthly payments.

Financing your holiday can be easy as logbook loans ensure that borrower's monthly payments are manageable and can be paid off once you have returned from holiday. This is a responsible and thrifty way of paying off your holiday without depleting your savings.

Insured for Holiday

Everyone starts their holiday thinking it will go according to plan, travel insurance is to cover the unexpected. Travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary nuisance. If a medical emergency or a flight cancellation takes place you’re gonna wish you had it.

If you contact your credit card company you might already qualify for some level of travel insurance through them.

COVID-19 Coverage

A lot of people have hesitation and planning in advance given all of the drastic changes and cancellations of plans that 2020 brought.

If you buy COVID-19 covered travel insurance you can not only receive financial security for health expenses but also the flexibility to move or cancel your trip without financial loss due to COVID-19. It’s important to inquire your respective travel insurance company if they offer the services or if you need to upgrade your insurance to receive COVID-19 coverage.

covid holiday

COVID Rules and Regulations

As a result of the coronavirus, the way we travel will change. What that looks like maybe the long-term mandate of masks to be worn on flights, a decrease in occupancy at major tourist sites, or mandatory temperature checks along the route.

This has become our new normal. To best adopt all of these changes it’s important to be informed:

Before travelling check with your airline and see if they require a negative Covid test along with any additional documentation of a clean bill of health

Check with your destinations coronavirus restrictions to see if they require a health compliance statement from their ministry of health before your arrival

Travel rules and regulations are subject to change daily, so it is important to keep in touch with your airline and consulate before you travel.

Post-Lockdown Adventure

Your post-lockdown holiday can be amazing if you put thought and care into planning it. The idea of travelling and all of the restrictions may sound daunting at first but not only can planning your journey be fun it can truly lift your spirits as you look ahead into the coming year.

Nearly a year without going away on holiday has people eager for the day to travel freely again. Even if you don't have a set day to travel yet you can never start the planning phase too early.

Take a holiday and recharge after the exhaustion that the coronavirus brought on.

Focusing on enjoying your post-lockdown holiday without financial or logistical stress is entirely possible. Get in touch to work on securing your finances for your next trip!