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How to get a Loan On Your Prestige Car

19.05.2020 by Dimi V

Ferrari 458 spider

Do you know how much money you can borrow against your supercar? Today, it’s possible for you to visit us and request for a Supercar, Classic, or Prestige Equity release. By doing this, you allow us to show you just how much money you can borrow against your car.

If looking to free up funds for an investment opportunity or to make new purchases, and are short of ideas, now you know where and how to go about it!

We can help you regardless of whether you own the car outright, or if you still have a small amount remaining in the form of an un-cleared balance. We have an in-house team of logbook loan experts who will be more than happy to go through the process with you. For our clients, our team has managed to offset their existing balances with other lenders and to make them a part of the Premium family.

Overall, we can proudly say we have been able to save these clients and many others thousands of pounds in the form of interest repayments! Some clients are afraid to approach us for help because they don’t normally drive their cars every day. It doesn’t matter whether you only drive it during the weekends or when taking it to special car shows like the concourse edition. You can trust us to do everything we can to help you.

Our Vehicle Equity Release Packages

The first thing we do when you come to us for logbook loans is to take you through our finance packages. Our premier loan options begin at a modest sum of £5,000 and can go as high as £250,000. The amount you get to receive from us is dependent on whether or not your vehicle has any equity on it. We can establish this after undertaking an evaluation.

The valuation process is carried out free of charge, and it aims to establish the actual market value of the vehicle. Through it, we also get to determine the maximum amount we can release to you. Allow us to demonstrate our ability to meet your financing needs by letting us perform a valuation for you.

If you are worried about the lending rates, don’t! Unlike our competitors, we can proudly say that we offer some of the best and most competitive rates in the market. Our alternative to the logbook loan is enough for you to meet your pressing need without having to pawn your Super, Classic, or Prestige Car.

Additionally, we do offer all our clients a price guarantee. If you manage to find another specialist lender offering better rates than us, we guarantee to beat the rate offered by 10%. Besides, we aim to make certain that the loan application and disbursement process gets completed within twenty-four hours.


We Simplify It for You

As a specialist lender, we have years of experience in assisting people like you. Ours is to ensure that prestige car owners like yourself get access to a prestige car loan or car finance. Relying on the services provided by our team is perhaps the easiest way to overcome the stress you are going through. While most of our clients are mainly interested in the repayments and the interest rates, we also make sure we have advised on flexibility, fees, and other issues.

Our Process

We believe in simplicity and in being able to offer a straightforward process devoid of any complexities. Whenever a prestige car owner contacts us, we take time to understand where they are coming from and what they need. Often, many initiate contact by calling our offices. Our representatives then do their best to take them through the available options.

Having discussed your requirements and expectations, we can then perform a valuation of your prestige car. As earlier mentioned, this is necessary to determine its value.

Examples of the Classic, Prestige, and Supercars we accept include:

• Bentley

• Ferrari

• Aston Martin

• Bugatti

• Ford

• Jaguar

• Alfa Romeo

• Audi

• Maserati

• Lotus

Logbook loan on a prestige car

Why Us?

At, we fully understand that all customers have unique and varied borrowing needs. These are needs that call for the use of a secure, convenient, and bespoke lending solution. As indicated above, we lend against various types of prestige cars. However, the main reasons why clients come to us and not our competitors are because:

Guaranteed Discretion and No Formal Credit Checks Are Needed

Any client who comes to us for help will have an option to use their luxury automobiles as security. This means we can loan you money against your car if you are in urgent need of short term funding.

The good thing about our services is that you don’t have to worry about us engaging the services of credit reference bureaus or other organizations in this line of work. We guarantee that any information or details shared with us are confidential and will continue to remain so even after we have concluded our business with you.

A Fast Funding Solution Where You Don’t Need to Sell

Some clients come to us hoping to receive the money within the shortest time possible. A significant benefit of working with us is that we don’t disappoint our clients. Our service is not only confidential, but you are sure of receiving the money you need within a day.

Considering that the retail price of Vintage or Classic cars continues to rise each year, we strive to offer you a better alternative compared to selling your precious car. Why sell the vehicle at a fraction of what it is worth when you can always come to us for short term funding to meet your investment needs?

A Flexible and Transparent Funding Option

The loan amount we will offer you is dependent on the overall condition and current trade value of your asset vehicle. At the moment, our funding options can offer you up to 75% of the car’s current value. The amounts, as previously indicated, will vary between £5,000 to £250,000. The repayment terms are extremely flexible.

We will assign you a member of our team who will take you through the repayment terms and guidelines. From this, you will then get to select the monthly repayment option that works for you at the current state of your finances.

Additionally, the fact that there is no minimum repayment period and no risk of being penalized, you are free to complete your repayments at any time. In case you overpay, you will get the advantage of having to pay a highly reduced interest rate.

Additional Beneficial Information

The loan given on your car is subject to suitability and affordability. Additionally, we also have to assess your expenditure and monthly income. Given that this is an alternative to the standard loans on a logbook, it means you won’t have to part with the V5C. Our loan repayment duration varies from eighteen months to sixty months. The highest APR offered by our company is 389.1%

Also, kindly note that:

• We can pay out the loans within an hour provided that an application is made during regular working days. Such a loan is also subject to a videotaped inspection of the car to establish its suitability.

• For us to meet the best price guarantee, you will need to provide a written quotation displaying the company letterhead. The letterhead should also indicate the details of the company providing the logbook loan.

Our company is regulated and authorized by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and is registered in Wales and England.