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The Top 8 Weirdest Logbook Loans, Because Who Knew Your Ride Could Be a Piggy Bank?

11.01.2024 by Paul H

Piggy bank

Greetings, dear readers! It's Paul Hilburn, your favourite Logbook Loan guru, coming to you with a scoop of financial delight.

At, we've been turning wheels into wealth, and today, I'm excited to share our weirdest vehicles that have transformed into rolling piggy banks thanks to our logbook loans. Brace yourselves; it's a wild ride!

1. 1980 Ice Cream Truck

At, we're making getting cash as easy as scooping your favorite ice cream. Guess what we just loaned on today? An actual 1980 classic ice cream van! I mean, who knew you could turn a brain freeze into cold hard cash? We're not just melting hearts; we're melting financial stress! So, if you need cash faster than you can say "double scoop," put us to the test at We're not just chilling; we're banking on your happiness!

2. Stunning 7.5 Ton 2015 Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 Automatic Horse Coach built by Oakley Coach Builders.

Who says size doesn't matter? Certainly not us! We recently financed this magnificent horse motor home, or should we say mansion? It's so big; even the road has to give it space. We're helping our client gallop through life's twists and turns in style!

3. 1980 Dennis Fire Truck Converted for Child Play

Our customer turned a retired fire truck into the coolest play zone for kids. Now, the only thing that's blazing is the fun. Not only are we putting out financial fires, but we're also igniting the spark of creativity in the next generation.

4. Luxury Le Voyageur Motor Home

Why take a vacation when your home can be a vacation? With our logbook loans, this luxury motorhome is not just a vehicle; it's a five-star hotel on wheels. Your road trip just got a serious upgrade, all thanks to

5. 1960 Volkswagen Classic Beetle

This classic beauty isn't just turning heads; it's turning into a source of extra cash. Our logbook loan turned this nostalgic ride into a treasure trove of funds. Who says you can't relive the past while securing your future?

6. 1967 Classic VW Camper Van

  • Camping just got a whole lot cooler! With our logbook loan, this classic VW Camper Van is not just a symbol of freedom; it's a ticket to financial flexibility. Whether you're on the road or parked in the driveway, your investment is on the move.

7. 1968 Vintage Morris Minor Police Car

Despite its cute and cuddly image, the Minor was a mainstay of crimefighting as British policing turned from bobbies on the beat towards cars. Now, this vintage police car isn't just chasing criminals; it's chasing financial freedom with

Our dream car to lend against... Let's go back to the future with a classic Delorean DMC-12

If you own a classic Delorean DMC-12 or any other wonderful car and you need some quick cash, call us now on 0333 577 5000. With logbook loans from £500 - £150,000 time travel is no longer science fiction; it's a financial reality. Your dreams are not just in the rearview mirror; they're accelerating towards the future!

There you have it, folks – the top 8 weirdest vehicles that have embraced the transformation. Because when life gives you wheels, we say, "Why not turn them into a treasure trove of cash?" If you need cash fast, come to, where we're not just driving; we're steering your financial success! Until next time, keep rolling and keep laughing.

Rev your financial engines with me, Paul Hilburn – The Logbook Loan Guru! Ready to turn your car into cash? Let's hit the road to financial freedom!