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Logbook Loan on BRABUS S63 in under 1 hour

23.11.2022 by Jack H

HD wallpaper brabus 850 mercedes cabrio tuning base 2017 s63 mercedes amg convertible helped a local business owner by giving him a £10,000 logbook loan against his beautiful £80,000 Brabus S63.

The customer got in touch with us right away after finding us on Google while searching for logbook loans in London. The customer said, "I wanted to use the equity in one of my cars to start a business." I came across online. The process was quite seamless; they finished the video inspection over What's App in only a few minutes and even paid out the loan an hour later. He continued, "I only wanted to borrow from a direct logbook loan lender, not from one of those third-party brokers." "The option to pay off the logbook loan early without penalty in a few months was perfect for my circumstance."

The UK-wide digital lender,, is a great option for business owners, sole proprietors, and limited companies with only one director who need to raise money quickly. Since his logbook loan was approved and processed from the comfort of his home, our customer never had to leave. As soon as we got our client's application, we looked at his BRABUS in real time and sent him an email with an offer. issued the loan papers after a WhatsApp video inspection. After the client electronically signed the loan agreements and emailed the necessary supporting documents, the money was sent to the client's bank account within minutes.

According to Paul Hilburn, director of, "Every now and then, an incredible business opportunity crosses your desk." The success of an entrepreneur is determined by their ability to seize the moment and capitalise on it as quickly as possible. Our client had this chance, but his cash was already committed to other ventures. With a logbook loan on his Brabus and the option to settle early and penalty-free when he has more money, was able to assist him in getting the money. "Logbook loans are a great option for business owners who want to acquire money swiftly and painlessly," he continued.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- is privately owned and run by a family. It offers a wide range of services to people in the United Kingdom. We are a direct FCA-authorized lender for logbook loans. For those wishing to borrow money against their cars, including classics, vintages, supercars, and luxury cars, we provide proven and flexible logbook loans. Loan amounts vary from £500 to £150,000. On Trustpilot, we are now rated as the "UK's No. 1 Trusted Logbook Loan Lender" with 5-star client reviews.

Please be aware that getting a logbook loan requires the applicant to pass a test of their ability to pay back the loan, have their credit checked, and show their last three months' worth of bank statements.