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STOP ! Don’t Sell Your Car, You Can Release the Equity with A Logbook Loans from LoanOnYourCar

22.04.2024 by Paul H

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STOP ! Don’t Sell Your Car, You Can Release the Equity with A Logbook Loans from LoanOnYourCar

Hey there, folks! Paul Hilburn, the Logbook Loan Guru from, today we review how car owners may well be tempted to sell their cars for quick cash rather than unlock the equity tied up within their car by taking a logbook loan.

This can be for a variety of reasons; for instance, they believe it might be the quickest way to raise instant cash, perhaps as the car might be a few years old, have some damage, or not have received a recent service, and believe their greatest chance of even selling the car is via a car trader, at a heavily discounted trade price.

Taking a logbook loan on your car with an online direct logbook loan specialist lender like, has become even more popular as car owners now consider taking a logbook loan as the fastest, most discrete, and most flexible way to release funds. can complete a logbook loan and unlock the equity in your car in under 60 minutes, without even having to leave your home.

You won't get the best deal possible if you sell your car to a trade buyer!

It is quite doubtful that you will receive anything even close to the car's genuine retail worth when you sell your car to a trader, which is the first and arguably most obvious reason for selling the car. It can be said that car traders do provide some convenience, but not enough to make up for the enormous amount of money you will lose.

Obviously, the actual price you can get for your car will depend on a number of variables, including the car's condition and the trader’s pricing policy. However, you will nearly always only get a lower amount for your car if you sell it privately, often as little as 65 percent.

It's crucial to realise that car traders generate money by purchasing cars from desperate owners who need cash fast. Hence, they provide the car at an incredibly low cost and then resell it for a substantial profit. While some car traders may have better prices than others, all car traders rely on this fundamental business model to operate profitably.

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The fact that is the UK’s No. 1 logbook loan specialist for all makes of cars, from family, SUV, luxury, prestige, classic, vintage, and even supercars, shows the kind of specialised understanding needed to effectively provide an accurate valuation for your car and provide you with the most appropriate loan. Always ensure you talk to the valuation expert to ensure they understand the car, including the condition it is in, the extras the car has and, of course, the more subtle aspects related to rarity, market demand and any special editions or features that are highly sought after.

Take your car to to unlock the cash

Logbook Loans are just what we do, we are the UK Logbook Loan experts. We are a privately held business and help a wide range of clients throughout the United Kingdom, including with logbook loans in Scotland and logbook loans in Northern Ireland. We are kind, polite, and respectful, and we always try to discover the best course of action for our clients. is the UK's No 1 Trustpliot Trusted Logbook Loan Lender. We can help you release your capital, no matter if it’s a family, SUV, luxury, prestige, classic, or vintage car. We provide loans from £500 - £150,000, and what's more, we will complete them on the same day, often in under 1 hour!

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We will help you drive forward your plans with new capital. We lend very promptly against all world-class car brands – from BMW and Bentley to Maserati, to Mercedes, Renault to Range Rover and Ford to Ferrari. Whatever the cars age, we can help.

It is very simple and easy to complete your Logbook Loan application with

1. The sales team will call the customer to complete the application, within 10 minutes

2. We complete an initial valuation after receiving an online application

3. We complete a real-time vehicle inspection via WhatsApp video, with no home visit required. We will confirm the loan is approved, the logbook loan is paid out, and the funds are released to the client account within minutes

4. We complete a full credit check and start a detailed review of bank statements to confirm the final approval of the loan

5. We will confirm the loan is approved, the logbook loan is paid out, and the funds are released to the client account within minutes

By working with Loan On Your Car to complete your logbook loan, you will receive a bespoke credit arrangement.

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Rev your financial engines with me, Paul Hilburn – The Logbook Loan Guru! Ready to turn your car into cash? Let's hit the road to financial freedom!