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Top 10 Used Cars for Your Teen's First Drive and the Steep Increase in Insurance Costs

12.01.2024 by Paul H

2017 ford fiesta st HD

Greetings, dear readers! It's Paul Hilburn, your favourite Logbook Loan guru, helping parents choose the correct used car for their child.

Hey there, folks! Paul Hilburn, the Logbook Loan Guru from, is back with some car-tastic insights for all you parents out there gearing up to buy your son or daughter their first set of wheels. Buckle up and let's dive into the top 10 used cars that'll make learning to drive a breeze!

    1. Ford Fiesta:
      • This gem is like the Goldilocks of cars, just the right size for novice drivers. Affordable, reliable, and a breeze to park, the Ford Fiesta brings a perfect blend of practicality and cuteness that's hard to resist.
    2. Volkswagen Polo:
      • The Polo exudes sophistication without breaking the bank. With German engineering finesse and a dash of style, it's an ideal choice for your budding young driver who appreciates a touch of class.
    3. Honda Civic:
      • The cool kid on the block, the Honda Civic, is zippy, sleek, and won't drain your wallet when it comes to fuel costs. Perfect for your teen's daily adventures and making a stylish statement on the road.
    4. Toyota Yaris:
      • The Yaris is like a ninja on the road—compact, fuel-efficient, and surprisingly spacious inside. It's an ideal companion for navigating the urban jungle and ensuring your teen gets where they need to be with ease.
    5. Nissan Micra:
      • The Micra is a little pod of fun. Easy to handle, great on gas, and designed not to intimidate newbie drivers. It's practically a go-kart for the streets, making driving a delightful experience.
    6. Chevrolet Spark:
      • The Spark is a pocket-sized wonder with a peppy personality. Its compact size makes maneuvering through tight spots a breeze, making it an excellent choice for city driving and spontaneous adventures.
    7. Hyundai i10:
      • The i10 is the underdog stealing the show. Affordable, reliable, and surprisingly powerful for its size, it comes packed with tech-savvy features that will undoubtedly appeal to your teen's preferences.
    8. Renault Clio:
      • The Clio is the fashionista of the bunch, combining style, comfort, and a European flair. It's perfect for your teen who wants a little extra pizzazz and enjoys making a statement wherever they go.
    9. Mazda 2:
      • The sporty choice for your budding racer, the Mazda 2 handles like a dream, looks slick, and will make your teen feel like they're on the fast track—even if they're just heading to the grocery store.
    10. Kia Picanto:
      • The Picanto is the surprise package, offering a compact, reliable option with a budget-friendly price tag. Its cheeky design adds a touch of style that will resonate well with your teen's sense of aesthetics.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room the rising cost for insuring cars for your sons and daughters.

Young drivers are facing unprecedented car insurance costs, reaching nearly £3,000 for some, as reported by, a price comparison firm. The data reveals a staggering average increase of over £1,000 in insurance premiums for 17-20-year-olds compared to the previous year. Overall, all drivers are experiencing a 58% surge in car insurance costs compared to January of the previous year. attributes this surge to a post-Covid surge in claims and increased costs associated with repairs. Steve Dukes, the CEO of, noted on BBC Radio 4's Today programme that both the frequency and cost of claims have risen in the aftermath of the pandemic. Factors such as elevated costs of second-hand cars, parts, and labor for repairs are being passed on to consumers, contributing to the spike in insurance expenses.

The volatility in prices for second-hand cars, often the first choice for newly qualified young drivers, has been noticeable since the Covid pandemic. A surge in demand for used cars occurred due to a shortage of computer chips and other manufacturing materials, coupled with a reduction in the production of new vehicles. Although prices in the used car market reached a peak increase of 31% in March 2022, they have since seen a sharp decline.

Despite this, emphasizes that it remains a challenging period for motorists. The average rise in car insurance costs for all drivers is £366, bringing the average premium to £995. However, younger drivers bear the brunt of the increase, with 17-year-olds experiencing an average surge of £1,423, resulting in a £2,877 premium. For 18-year-olds, the average policy price soared to £3,162.

To mitigate rising premiums, Mr. Dukes suggests strategies such as sharing driving with an older, more experienced driver and exploring telematics or "pay how you drive" insurance. Nevertheless, with the escalating costs, many young drivers may reconsider the affordability of driving altogether.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) acknowledges the expense of car insurance but emphasizes ways to reduce costs. It advises against driving without cover and encourages those facing financial challenges to communicate with their insurers. The ABI's analysis of 28 million policies indicates an average rise of £561 in drivers' insurance costs between July and September, a 29% increase compared to the same period in 2022. Notably, these figures are based on the actual prices paid by customers rather than quoted prices.

Conclusion: Whether your teen is into sporty rides, compact city cars, or something with a bit more flair, these top 10 used cars cover all the bases, just beware on the insurance costs and search around first before you let your teen hit the road in style. Happy driving! 🚗✨

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